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Having a baby is an exciting time but there are many things you need to think of before the baby even enters the world.  Questions such as; Where will they sleep? What should I feed them? What will they wear?  What will they play with?  These questions may cause you much deliberation and ultimately you may spend many hours searching for the best products with the best reviews.  But have you thought of everything?

Where will your baby sleep?

Most experts recommend that babies sleep in the same room as their parents for the first six months of life; but should they sleep in a Moses Basket, a crib or a Cot?  Consideration needs to be given to how much space you have available before you decide which of these is the best option for you.  As your child grows and moves into their own room you have the option of a cot bed, a toddler bed or a single bed.  How warm or cold is your house? Consider the options of duvets, quilts, baby sleeping bags and room thermometers.


What Should I feed them?

Whether you chose to breast feed or formula feed you will have a great variety of products to choose from to help you with the process.   It is important to make sure you know what is available and don’t just buy the first thing that you see.  With baby bottles for example there are a great number to choose from including ones which have anti-colic teats and ones which control the airflow making it easier for your baby to feed.

As they start eating pureed foods you may want to look at investing in a good blender and freezable containers in which to store the food. Not forgetting to mention a good highchair so they can sit at the table with you at mealtimes.

As your child grows you’ll need to give consideration to cutlery, plates, beakers and cups.


What will they wear?

A baby will get through a surprising amount of clothes – after all milk does spill and nappies do leak.  Be prepared by having plenty of back up clothes with you should an accident happen.  There are many baby clothes to choose from ranging from the more simpler option of baby grows and body suits to the more dressy up option of dresses and tights and trousers and tops.

Your child will constantly be going through a growth spurt and as a result you will be finding yourself needing new clothes all the time. Think about the season you are in and buy appropriately – the summer wardrobe for a child may include sun hats, sun glasses, sandals, shorts t-shirts, sundresses, swimming costumes, beach shoes etc.


What will they play with?

Babies and young children need stimulus.  The choice of baby and toddlers toys nowadays is fantastic with every possible need covered.  There are toys to encourage them to focus, to improve co-ordination and dexterity, to provoke their imagination and to help them think and make decisions.  No matter what age your child there is a great range of toys for you to choose from.

What will do during jogging?

Jogging is one of the best exercises you'll do for yourself that will help you to keep fit and healthy and even higher, it's possible to do with your little one. During jogging, carrying your baby can be a little bit tiring and can cause a big ache in your back. Baby stroller is one of the best options to the rescue with regards to this concern of most parents. Luckily, there are so many benefits of jogging with your stroller – physically, mentally and for your baby.


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